In recent years, we’ve been perfecting the way we help children and their families that receive support from different social sources, like the State, private companies, and civil societies. Corporate alliances are the key to sustaining this model responsible for financially covering what the State cannot. These companies have found creative ways to support us through different initiatives, which we have continued to replicate to get the funds that let children face cancer under the same circumstances.

One + One

Staff of the company can show support by donating part of their monthly paycheck and the company as a whole will donate the sum of those pay deductions. The company can request a tax write-off for this.

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We coordinate the delivery of cardboard or paper that can be recycled to help children with cancer.

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Pay Deduction

Staff of the company show support buy donating part of their monthly paycheck.

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Collection Boxes

Collection boxes can be found in clearly marked commercial areas for clients of your establishment to give their change or something out of pocket; however much they wish in order to support our organization.

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Envelope Campaign in Schools

This is where the Foundation gives envelopes to each student and each boy or girl has the option to put a donation in said envelope in order to help kids with cancer.

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For monetary donations from other organizations, the Fundación gives a donation certificate, in accordance with article 46 of the DL.3063, which states that in the case of organizations that have utilities, they write off 100% of the amount donated on their taxes, under the condition that the amount does not exceed the legal limits.

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Change Campaign

Through this program, your company’s clients have the chance to donate their change or own funds through collection boxes, all of which will be given to our organization.

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80% of children with cancer run the risk of developing a physical or cognitive handicap as a result of treatment of the disease itself.

Ayúdanos a combatir el cáncer infantil


La Fête Chocolat and Fundación Nuestros Hijos allied in 2014 with the sweet mission to raise funds to help finance part of the Fundación’s Oncological Rehabilitation Center. La Fête Chocolat donates monthly, actively participates through its Volunteer Work Force in the Exequiel González Cortés Hospital school run by the Fundación, and even donates its products for some of the Fundación’s main events.


In 2010 is when Fundación Nuestros Hijos joined with Liquimax, a company dedicated to the sale of great quality perfumes, cleaning products, and personal hygiene products. Currently, with the goal of supporting our cause, we collaborate through: products, the 2+1 Campaign, collection boxes in all their stores, cardboard recycling, and their Volunteer Work Force in fun activities for the children. A Lagos Group company.


Global leader in the logistics sector, expert in international shipping, express service, they’ve made a name for themselves. An entity that, through its Go Green program, supports Fundación Nuestros Hijos by recycling cardboard and white paper. Through Global Volunteer Day it provides rest and relaxation time for our mothers. In addition to this, DHL brought in the new year by providing the school uniforms for students from both of our schools.


Belsport’s commitment to help children with cancer, who have few resources and are treated at Fundación Nuestros Hijos, was established in 2014 with the launch of a line of packed socks where 100% of the sales is now donated to the Fundación. Furthermore, they have the organization’s collection boxes in all of their stores and have added their new brands Bolt, Belsport Kids, and K-1. More and more workers are donating through a monthly cut from their paycheck. In 2017, they donated the school uniforms to the students of our two hospital schools and sent their volunteer work force to help celebrate Mother’s Day.


Fundación Nuestros Hijos has been working with Laboratorio Chile for 16 years, offering its help through various projects. The workers have played a big part since the majority (88%) has partnered with us through donating part of their monthly pay. The company shows support through 1+1, sending volunteers to help celebrate birthdays, and hosting the children from the two hospital schools at the factory, not to mention the donations made for medical equipment and delivery of 100 Christmas baskets.


In 2016, we joined together with Dunkin’ Donuts, who started supporting through donating school supplies and their “Donar te Late” campaign, where they made sure our organization got great promotion during our national collection month. The company also provided coffee for 1,000 volunteers a photo booth for everyone to enjoy. Its volunteer work force recognized the top 30 donors with donuts in the Bilbao store and we’ll always have their products at our events.


Lead pharmacy chain in Chile and Latin America has, since 2016, linked up with our Fundación, mainly through biannual support with supplements and medication. Their volunteers and fun mascot, Dr. Simi, also visit the kids at the start of the school year and put on a Christmas show for over 300 families.


AFP Provida, since 2016, has made it so that their members, when they access their digital receipts, they are supporting FNH. Their successful first biannual campaign is what provided our complimentary food supply.


2017 was the start of our alliance with Fundación Elévate, which provides digital services at discounted prices. Through their help, we have the resources to recruit more people to help children with cancer who come from poor backgrounds.


A Chilean company dedicated to offering equipment solutions for professionals in medicine and science. After a 2016 visit to our Casa de Acogida made by general manager Christian Hänel, the company and its workers started their partnership with us. Through their Communications and Human Resources, they partner with 1+1 and their volunteers actively participate in social, healthy eating, and Christmas campaigns.


2010 is when the Fundación started a partnership with Lagos, a company that assembles other shipping companies such as Vara and Liquimax. With the end goal of supporting our organization, Lagos currently partners with us in: the 1+1 Campaign, collection boxes, volunteering, a cardboard recycling.


In 2015, Arauco companies donated to finance the complete renovation of the the Pediatric Oncology wing of the Base de Valdivia hospital. These new resources offer better clinical isolation for the kids with cancer and allows around 10% of national cases to be treated. There was previously no adequate building for these patients in Valdivia, and for this reason, parents had to bring their children all the way to Santiago for treatment.


The partnership between Fundación Nuestros Hijos and CMR started in 2011 with recruitment meeting for its clients. They have solidified this commitment throughout the years thanks to their top tier experience in managing credit cards, infrastructure, and technology through the Falabella Group.


Agua Late! joined with us to support kids with cancer towards the end of 2010. This is an initiative started by a group of entrepreneurs with the objective to generate funds for benefit organizations through a product that everyone uses and contributes to living a healthy lifestyle.