Fundación Nuestros Hijos is a consolidated institution created in 1991 with the goal of helping children who live under the constant threat of cancer but come from a poor background.

Fundación Nuestros Hijos was started from the initiative of a group of parents who lived through the experience of having or even losing a child with cancer. The founders looked to replicate the kinds of services that they received from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in the United States, global leader in care for and research on childhood cancer, where treatment is completely free.

As a country, Chile has a lot of help when it comes to childhood cancer, thanks to the government, private companies, and NGOs. Each year, 500 new cases are diagnosed, around 85% of those receive treatment from public healthcare. A large part of medical treatments is covered by the government; however, the quality of life and survival depends on multiple factors, not just medical treatment. It is here that Fundación Nuestros Hijos has concentrated its efforts for over 25 years.


To fully assist children, from poor backgrounds, who are sick with cancer.


Marcela Zubieta Acuña


Juanita Fernández Fuenzalida


Edgardo Goldenberg Urzúa


Jaime Illanes Piedrabuena


Juan Pablo Longueira Montes


Jaime Mires Aranda


Manuel José Montes Cousiño


María Mercedes Hurtado Vicuña


Margarita Rosa Selman Nazal


Fernando Rozas Vial


Ronald Félix Wolfson Jessurun


Marcela Zubieta A.



Fernando de Solminihac T.

Vice President


Catalina Binder T.



Fernando Massú T.



Alejandra Méndez R.



José Molina A.



Sergio Vergara L.


Our Values

                    •P:  PASSION

                    •A:  HAPPINESS

                    •C: COMMITMENT

                    •T: TEAMWORK

                    •A: AUSTERITY
                    •R:  RESPONSIBILITY

                    •É: HOPE

Our Goals

To improve the quality of life in children with cancer.

To increase their survival rates.

To decrease the psychosocial and economic impact

that the disease has on the child in his environment.


Raúl Arrázola C. 
General Manager

Juliana Balbontín O.
Commercial Manager

Verónica Zuleta H.
Technical Manager

Rita Gangale V.
Hospital Schools Director