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On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to thank each of you as individuals and as organizations for your ongoing commitment to transform childhood cancer! Your work to raise awareness of childhood cancer during ICCD helps to educate the world that children fighting cancer and their families are not alone! Together, we must continue to raise awareness, advocate for the needs and increase access to curative treatments so that one day (hopefully in our lifetime) all children will have hope for a cure regardless of where they live in the world.

Warm regards,
Ruth and the CCI BOT
Parents and patients representatives from CCI Europe, together with academics, with a strong common voice, stated that paediatric cancer, even though it is rare, should be included in the next EU agenda and thus acknowledged in the budget. +Read More
CHOC South Africa continued its highly successful “Have A Heart for Children with cancer". This initiative has raised awareness, captured media interest and led to tremendous outpouring of support from various stakeholders. +Read More

ASHIC Bangladesh commemorated ICCD 2018 with a spectacular cultural show by kids with cancer, survivors and nurses from the ASHIC run palliative care unit. + Read More

In Japan, CCAJ prepared 5000 special packets, containing 6 pieces of chocolate each and a card explaining “What Is childhood cancer?” +Read More
Fundacion Nuestros Hijos of Chile marked ICCD with the opening of the Rehabilitation Center for children with cancer, CROFNH, much awaited first rehabilitation facility for children with cancer. Building and establishing this facility was spearheaded and supported by the Foundation. +Read More
The Indonesian Anyo Foundation commemorated ICCD by giving education on childhood cancer on the train in Jakarta, a new train route which has just been inaugurated on January 1st, 2018. +Read More
Also, watch the fourth version of the traditional "Anyo Charity Run". This great event is supported by Alam Sutera, participated by 2,000 runners and supported by 250 young volunteers! + Watch the Video
More than 40.000 Gold Ribbons were bought, spread and affixed. The enthusiasm did not stop at any austrian border and slopped over to the neighbouring countries Switzerland and Germany. +Read More
To conmemorate the ICCD, the Korean Association for Children with Leukemia and Cancer, included not only the exhibition of artworks of children with cancer but also various events such as “docent program”, “OX quiz” and “putting together the pieces of a puzzle with hopeful message for children with cancer.” +Read More
Fondation Haitienne Anti Cancer Infantile gave a new room to the oncology unit of the Port-au-Prince Hospital  +Read More

A magician enthralled the gathered children, games were organized and singer Sangeeta Vyas performed popular songs. +Read More

As a part of ICCD T-shirt campaign, the ACCO received several "No More But" Stories Submissions 2018. +Read More
The event was organized by Survivors of CBC (Cancer Buster Community) together with Rurukids, a community that runs  a fun, innovative, arts based educational/skill workshops for children and adolescents/young adults with cancer. +Read More
The Mateo Esquivo Foundation of Santa Fe Argentina held a party for children with cancer to raise awareness on ICCD and spotlight the challenges  of childhood cancer.  +Read More
Ayeyarwaddy International School and its parents donated 3.15 Million Kyats (2.300 US dollars ) to the Department of Pediatrics of Mandalay Childrens Hospital to support initiatives for  children with cancer  CCI Asia head Benson Pau was on hand to witness this landmark collaboration which was spearheaded by CCI as part of its joint plan of action with the World Health Organization. +Read More
Eeshwar Child Welfare Foundation marked  International Childhood Cancer Day and World Cancer Day with a special event for kids undergoing cancer treatment in the King George Medical University at Lucknow.  +Read More
Children dressed up and  wore colorful aodai (traditional Vietnamese dress) to celebrate both events and remind the community of how precious children’s lives are. +Read More
PKW Foundation of Hongkong, China organized its annual  charity walk in Shaton, Hongkong, one of the best-known cycling routes and dragon-boat racing sites. 200 participants joined the event to honor and show their concern for children/adolescents with cancer, the survivors and their families. +Read More
MAHAK also tracked an annual increase of 14 per cent in the number of newly diagnosed children  with cancer. MAHAK operates a state of the art hospital for children with cancer and also accepts kids with cancer from neighboring war torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. +Read More
The spirit and resilience of the little warriors was evident and it was heartening to see their enthusiasm. +Read More


Let´s get together to transfer experiences and encourage knowledge sharing, to divulge fresh perspectives and innovative solutions on childhood cancer. +Read More
CCI proudly endorse this global gathering dedicated to bringing together practitioners and thought leaders on pediatric palliative care. It is envisioned this convergence will lead to improved and increased programs on palliative care for children with life limiting and / or life threatening conditions. +Read More