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This edition of the CCI newsletter features many of our heroes who have survived cancer. Their personal stories, which were featured during Childhood Cancer Survivors Week in June, provide examples of strength but also of hope. +Read More

“Due to COVID 19, I won’t be able to go back to school, because of my compromised immune system and that I am at high risk for infections. It was only later in my life that I went back to school and I loved every day of it. +Read More
INDIA: Ugam is a voluntary support group of Indian cancer Society founded by Childhood Cancer Survivors launched on 7th June 2009. This year 11th anniversary celebrations were digital because due to Covid19. +Read More
INDONESIA: In this survivor’s week, the survivors of Cancer Buster Community is doing some activities such as taking part in YOAI (Indonesian Childhood Foundation) Webinar series as committees. +Read More 
LEBANON: Covid-19 global outbreak and the physical distancing measures imposed, CCCL continued its support to the young cancer survivors by engaging them in a virtual dialog with influential on social media. +Read More
SCCS encouraged survivors to have meetings online to stay in touch with each other to support one another, and also held webinars to provide tools to survivors to cope with stress. + Read More 
Several survivors groups celebrated the Childhood Cancer Survivors Week - and used this week for awareness about survivorship issues and to give opportunities for survivors to connect and exchange. +Read More
USA: In this week of survivors, ACCO presents the stories of Juanita, Hannah and Jeff
“Faros de Vida” (Lighthouses of Life) is the first childhood cancer survivor group in Latin America. This project is led by CCI Latam, with the support of some local cancer organizations. +Read More
We are asking members to consider hosting their own fundraisers and donate to help children with cancer in Beirut. + Download Graphics
CCI have three members in Beirut: Chance Association, Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), Kids First Association; we ask for those who are able to help financially, please send restricted donations to CCI and the board will forward to Lebanon accordingly. + Donate Here
The SIOP PODC Patient and Family Engagement (PFSE) Task Force grew out of CCI members' interest in giving voice to parents and patients’ experience in the trajectory of childhood cancer treatment. This is a brief summary of the PFSE Task Force effort to explore how patients and parents/caregivers in countries with limited resources in Latin America engage in their treatment and what healthcare teams can learn from their experiences. +Read More
IRAN: This was a message from Amir Reza’s father who has recently gone into remission. His father called the people who were the cause to his son’s recovery as healthcare heroes. + Read More 
JAPAN: Shine On! Kids launches in-hospital virtual English communications program in response to COVID-19 restrictions. Young hospitalized patients are being challenged on a new level and experiencing a deepening of isolation in their day-to-day lives. +Read More
JAPAN: When families having children with cancer are uneasy due to the invisible virus, to promote any chance for communications is all the more important even when we are forced to be physically apart. +Read More
The ASHIC-WCC project aims at children with cancer throughout Bangladesh by improving their treatment, care and quality of life. +Read More
INDIA: The Cankids Emergency Response Committee for COVID 19 – chaired by Vice-Chairman Mukul Marwah has developed a CK COVID Response Plan, under which to date there are 23 CK COVID Response Interventions. +Read More
The very first of its kind, the SIOP 2020 Virtual Congress will be your best way to get all the latest Paediatric Oncology updates this year and connect with the community. + Read More