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International Childhood Cancer Day 2017
#Together4kidswithcancer; #Together4betterfutureskidswcancer
On the 15th of February, Childhood Cancer International marked the 15th year of the International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD). Through collaborative initiatives among CCI members and with coalition partners like SIOP, SIOPE, UICC, NCD-CHILD, IAP, ICPCN, Max Foundation and St Baldricks Foundation, ICCD has become a highly visible calendar event commemorated not just by the CCI family but by its partners, allies and supporters all over the world. This year, more than 100 countries had ICCD celebrations. We feature 3 unique events from 3 continents : Asia, Europe and Latin America. 
Anyo Run 2017 was an absolute success! The streets of Tangerang went gold in three run course (5K, 10K & 16,8K).
For the 3rd year in a row, Anyo Foundation organized a great community event to commemorate International Childhood Cancer Day and honor the memory of Anyo (Andrew Marulli David Manullang), the only son of the founders of Yayasan Anyo Indonesia (YAI). See the video

This party was personally hosted by Her Excellency, Maya Manolova, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria. The wearing of pajamas symbolize and call attention to the long periods of treatment and hospitalization of children/adolescents with cancer. The event was meant to bring smiles and a moment of joy&fun to the kids undergoing treatment. It also called public and government attention to the needs of children/adolescents with cancer. Read More  

ICCD in Finland is marked by our member Sylva Ry, in a very unique way. Chairs that represent and honor kids with cancer diagnosed the previous year (blue for boys, red for girls) as well as those lost to childhood cancer (white with candle) are placed in a busy part of Helsinki. 
This visual representation is a stark reminder of how childhood cancer is very real and is a threat to our families and communities. It is also a call to work together for the kids, families and survivors of childhood cancer.

Hear the stories of hope, courage, determination, love and kindness. At CCF, they believe that unity is strength and "together, we are stronger" in helping children win their battle against cancer. Watch the Video
Childhood Cancer International launches Global Childhood Cancer Infographic
For ICCD2017, CCI and CLAN (Caring & Living As Neighbours, Australia) created a Global Childhood Cancer Infographic “Hard Facts and What You Can Do About it”. This follows the highly successful and much used 2016 ICCD infographic on Rights of Children with Cancer. This infographic allow members of CCI to upload or post this information and education material on their websites. They are welcome to use it for presentations and/or printing for distribution as well. CCI encourages its members and allies to translate it into their own language so the infographics can be better used and reach a wider audience.
The infographic is downloadable in 
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The Honduran Foundation for Children with Cancer celebrates ICCD2017 holding a day long family event known as Festival "Heroes for Life" . This is to honour the young heroes who courageously fight daily against cancer and the angels that give their blessings from heaven. They walk up the Cerro Juana Lainez, do a Zumba dance as a representation of the joys of life and living and launch balloons to commemorate wishes for more survivors and better futures for children/adolescents with cancer.  Read More
Rome welcomes the 8th CCI Regional Conference to “Connect Europe”
The conference is hosted by the Italian Childhood Cancer Association FIAGOP. Around 160 participants from CCI Europe members, partners and allies will gather in the Italian capital to explore how to further strengthen collaboration and cooperation in a connected Europe.
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The 11th CCI Asia Conference will be held In Bangkok
This Conference and the planned learning sessions will revolve on interesting and informative topics from parents, survivors, CCI members, health professionals, nurses, World Health Organization (WHO) and other stakeholders in childhood cancer. Read More
Childhood Cancer International (CCI), the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) and Union for International Cancer Control  (UICC) have collaborated on a joint 'Signs and Symptoms' campaign since 2014. Brian Walusimbi, from Bless a Child Foundation, explain in a web seminar (webinar) how do they make a great use of the materials as well as how their local innovation has reached out to a bigger audience. Watch th Webinar
The Pan American Health Organization is now endorsing and collaborating in the Childhood Cancer Governance and Systems Mapping study which will capture and describe the  situation  and challenges  in 16 countries in LATAM. This is a collaborative study undertaken by Nuestros Hijos  Foundation, CCI, UICC and Sick Kids of Canada.
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