The Minister of Health, Dr. Enrique Paris, made an extensive and fruitful visit to the Oncological Rehabilitation Center of Fundación Nuestro Hijos on the International Day of Childhood Cancer.

The health authority toured the facilities, spoke with patients, parents and therapists, and learned about the project for the new Foundation center.

The Minister said he was impressed with the comprehensive work our Foundation is doing to rehabilitate pediatric cancer patients and pledged government support to strengthen this work. «They need all the support and we are going to give them all the support. The most beautiful thing of all is their work aimed at recovering children diagnosed with cancer. Many times children recover, but with physical and neurological consequences; that is the work that is done here, which is wonderful. There are stimulation rooms with music, games, a therapeutic pool, a gym, it is a gigantic job and it is necessary that many people join to collaborate with this Foundation. »

«It is very painful to treat cancer and difficult to get out of an oncological disease, but it is also very painful to leave them later without rehabilitation because children want to live and develop their lives fully again»
Chilean Minister of Health, Enrique Paris

During his visit, the health authority had a warm meeting with our president, Dr. Marcela Zubieta, and our director, Alejandra Méndez, who requested his support in various areas. The minister immediately contacted different state agencies to schedule meetings and support the different areas of the Foundation.

Minister Paris highlighted the construction project of the new Children’s Oncology Center of Fundación Nuestro Hijos. «It is a great project, a rehabilitation, treatment and study center, attached to a kind of hotel so that parents who are from distant regions can accompany their children as long as they receive the specialized care that they deliver, and also become a teaching center because here there are not only doctors, but also nurses, kinesiologists, kinesiologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, nutritionists, that is, the entire health team is working with the children who require a rehabilitation «.

30 year alliance

The president of Fundación Nuestro Hijos, Dra. Marcela Zubieta, thanked the minister for the visit, which she described as «a wonderful meeting that is part of a 30-year journey of this public-private alliance in favor of children with cancer. The Minister said it is worth it, because we are truly impacting the lives of children who face the disease, the one who recovers as well as the one who does not recover, both in an integral way, collaborating with the State, regardless of the government of turn».

The president of Our Children Foundation pointed out that during the pandemic, support for children with cancer has been reinforced, creating new services such as the Safe Transfer program, which consists of transferring each cancer patient to their treatments in hospitals by private transport. Minimizing the risk of contagion by COVID and preventing children from getting worse or abandoning their treatments.

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